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Coconut, chilli and turmeric sauce, garlic toasted ciabatta

Soy, honey and garlic glaze, chilli, and spring onions

Tomato and chilli jam, salsa, mango and citrus dressing

Garlic, lemon and scotch bonnet marinade, tomato and chilli jam, mango, Passoa...

Brushed with Jerk spices, mixed leaves, fries

Potato dauphinoise, butternut squash puree, red wine jus, tomato salsa

Jerk spiced sauce, rice, and peas

Chargrilled 10oz ribeye, Jerk spiced sauce, and fries

Mango, passionfruit and citrus dressing, tomato and chilli jam, rice, and peas

Steamed chicken, pan fried king prawns, rice, vegetables, and coconut shavings